Our extensive experience in construction of storage tank farms has led us to carry out works in the majority of most important ports in Spain.

We provide the work in order for our customers can store and distribute their raw materials and deliver to their destination where they are needed.

Our customers are amongst the highest companies in the sector in Spain, Portugal and LatinAmerica. We emphasise VOPAK – TERQUIMSA, EUROENERGO, TEPSA, MEROIL, ENAGAS, SKSOL and BASF.


BASF, Storage tank, Port of Tarragona

Vopak OHL

VOPAK, terminal, Puerto de Algeciras

TEPSA, Parque de tanques, Puerto de Tarragona

VOPAK-TERQUIMSA, Tanks terminal, Port of Tarragona


MEROIL, Parque de tanques, Puerto de Barcelona

RESESTANK, Parque de tanques, Puerto de Barcelona


REPSOL, Proyecto C-32, Cartagena


TRADEBE, parque de tanques, Puerto de Barcelona

SKSOL LUBE BASE OIL, Parque de Tanques, Puerto de Cartagena

Enagas, Port of Barcelona

REPSOL, PZSAGO, Parque de Tanques, Sines, Portugal