Mr Luis Carbonell Figueras, the second generation of public building contractors, founded in 1.973 CARBONELL FIGUERAS company, initially dedicated to earth moving work and to the construction of electric lines A.T. and electrical E.R., increasing its activities during the course of time in the electricity sector, chemical industry and petrochemistry.

The experience gained after years of working allows the company to expand its activities in the sector of the automotive industry, hydraulic works, public infrastructure, urban construction, large surfaces, pharmacy, transport, paper mills, etc…

Currently CARBONELL FIGUERAS, SA, covers all types of activities in the construction sector, including combined cycle plants, project, design, “turnkey” construction, extending its radius of action to the entire Iberian Peninsula where our customers require us.


The CARBONELL FIGUERAS group has a staff of more than 1,000 people working that consists a management and technical team of professionals in the construction sector.


The most important objective is constantly increasing quality in the construction process. Therefore, our works are executed with the help of the most technologically advanced machinery and appropriated to the requirements of each projects.

We have a large fleet of our own machinery that allows us to ensure the execution deadlines to our clients.