CARBONELL FIGUERAS provides you a customised solution based on:
• More than 45 years of experience in the industry.
• Deadline achievement.
• Compliance with quality, safety and environmental requirements.
• Own professional team with experience and continuous training.
• Great specialisation in construction industry.
• Agile and available internal organisation.
• Correct dimensioning of the human resources and experts.
• Price.
• Capacity to act as a general contractor “turnkey”, developing the engineering and assuming the technical management of the projects.

Integrated Quality Management System, Security, Corporate Social and Environment Responsibility.


Carbonell Figueras, SA is a socially committed company.

This fact compromises our organisation to:
•Maintain correctly our environment without injustice or contamination, assuring the safety of third parties, avoiding damage to property and improving the working conditions of our entire workforce.

• With the society, maintaining scrupulous respect of human rights, managing appropriately managing the company resources and our relations with Customers and Suppliers.

• Do not use or support child labour.

• Do not use or support forced labour.

• Non-discrimination of race, sex, religion, etc., (based on the attributes defined by the International Labour Organisation).

• Especially sensitive employees.

• Respect the rights to the free association, to be member of syndicate, as well as to negotiate collectively.

• Maintain an open and collaborative relation with the public authorities, customers, our neighbours and other interested groups in our activity and the society in general.

• All Suppliers and Subcontractors should be at our commitment to Quality, Security, Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility, in order to achieve a perfect development of works.