Code of Ethics

Carbonell Figueras Code of Ethics details the ethic commitments and responsibilities the employees and the Company service providers assume and share while carrying out their functions. The Code of Ethic principles and provisions specify by way of example the general obligations in terms of honesty, diligence, politeness, loyalty, integrity, transparency and mutual respect.

Ethics and Compliance Channel

Carbonell Figueras Ethics and Compliance Channel is a confidential channel to ask questions or to submit complaints regarding possible Code of Ethics breaches.

Communications through the Ethics and Compliance Channel shall be in good faith. False or malicious complaints may lead to legal civil and/or criminal proceedings, as well as to the application of sanctions.


We ensure that proper, independent and confidential analysis by the Compliance Committee of all communications received. Only the Compliance Committee has access to this information, and under no circumstance the identity of the complainant in good faith will be revealed, unless one of the following occur:

a) The complainant provides his or her full consent.

b) This consent is requested by the competent authorities in which case the complainant will be informed in advance.

Please fill in as many fields below as possible in order to speed up the communication process.

Once the form is sent you will receive an email with a follow-up reference.

The complainant may withdraw the complaint at any time.

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