As consumers of electrical energy, we are becoming increasingly aware of importance of our behaviour and habits to achieve advances in energy efficiency within the long chain that starts at the point of energy generation and reaches us through the transportation network.

In Carbonell Figueras we contribute our experience and efficiency in the industry of electricity generation at the beginning of the system and during its distribution route.

Our customers are amongst the highest companies in the sector in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. We emphasise Alstom, ANAV, Endesa, Gas Natural, Siemens, Iberdrola and Red Eléctrica de España.

NATURGY – SIEMENS, Central de Ciclo Combinado, 1.200MW, Huelva


ENDESA-TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS, Central Térmica de Ciclo Combinado Besós, 800 MW, Barcelona

Siemens Arrubal

NATURGY, Combined Cycle Power Station, Arrúbal, La Rioja

Central Termica de Ciclo Combinado Málaga 400 MW

NATURGY / ALSTOM, Central Térmica de Ciclo Combinado, 400MW, Málaga


Tarragona Power, Central de Ciclo Combinado, 410MW

Siemens Sagunto

NATURGY – SIEMENS, Central Térmica de Ciclo Combinado, 1.200MW, Sagunto

Central Térmica - LP

GESA-ENDESA, Central Térmica de Ciclo Combinado, Tirajana, Gran Canaria

GLOBAL 3 - Central de Ciclo Combinado - Peaker Escatron G3

GLOBAL 3, Central de Ciclo Combinado, Zaragoza


SIEMENS – ELECGAS, Central de Ciclo Combinado, 800MW, Pego, Portugal

ENDESA, Central de Ciclo Combinado, 400MW, Tarragona

Almacén Temporal Individualizado ANAV Ascó Carbonell Figueras

CENTRAL NUCLEAR ASCÓ, Almacén Temporal Individualizado (ATI), Tarragona

ASCO-ANAV-Doble Vallado

CENTRAL NUCLEAR ASCÓ, Doble Vallado y Seguridad Física, Tarragona